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We’re not morning people, is that going to be a problem?

The best and least crowded times to be in the parks is in the morning because so few guests get up early. They have often been in the parks all day the day before and are too tired. (That’s why we push the ‘split day’ itinerary like we do.) We whisk through entire sections quickly (much more fun!) and it frees up more of your day for other things.

Note that it’s not all about the lines for the attractions either. It can be as simple as getting from point A to point B in a crowded park. No matter the time of year, the most crowded time to be in the park is mid-afternoon plus, in the warmer months, you will want to avoid the intense heat and humidity. It simply becomes less and less of an enjoyable experience for everyone,

Also to be considered, getting there at park opening is often the best way to gain admission onto some of the most popular rides. If your group is late, these premium rides may need to be skipped.

 The short response is 100% of our guests who thought they wouldn’t want to be in a park early have thanked their private VIP guide by lunch for politely insisting. It never fails… “When do you want us ready tomorrow?” If you cannot consider our plan, your guide will do everything he or she can to make the most of your time. We strongly urge you to try it our way first.

Do we receive “head of the line” or “backdoor” privileges while on the VIP tour? 

No, but it may sometimes feel that way because our VIP Private Guides know the least crowded times to visit the attractions to avoid the infamous lines. We also know how to maximize Disney’s FastPass+ system to the best of its advantage (which can be quite confusing to most guests). The average wait time is 0-15 minutes, regardless of how busy the season. If you follow our advice with your arrival times and allow us to visit the parks the “right way,” lines and crowds are rarely an issue. In fact, even the Disney VIP guides utilize the Fast Pass queues and do not have “head of the line” or “backdoor” access.

Do tours include admission?

All VIP tours require valid park admission separate from the price of the tour.

How far in advance should I book my tour?

As soon as you start making your plans! Dining reservations are accepted 180 days in advance and the Disney Fast Pass+ booking window can start up to 60 days in advance, depending on your accommodations. Also, VIP tours can be very popular and may have limited availability.

What is the tipping policy, or is there even an expectation of tipping?

Due to this being a service-based industry, tipping is always greatly appreciated, but never expected. The average is 10%-25% of the tour total, but you are free to set whatever rate you feel is fair. Just remember that tours are only paid hourly for the duration of the actual tour and a lot of work is put in prior to the physical tour day. The assumption may be that the entirety of the tour cost would be going to the tour guide and this not quite true. The hourly rate does allow us to happily compensate our guides but is also how we cover our business costs.

Do we REALLY need a Private Guide at Universal parks?

Both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure are large parks and their attendance figures are up compared to a few years ago. Our past VIP’s would answer, “Absolutely!,” especially with the new Harry Potter addition which connects both parks.

If you are not familiar with these parks, they can be overwhelming and our guides will help point out which attractions will be best for your group, which order to best utilize your Express Passes and which attractions can be skipped.

Guides can also just be a beneficial extra set of hands. Universal requires all belongings to be stashed in lockers for many of their rides and being able to skip this process can save you a lot of time.

Can the four hour minimum be split between days or parks?

The four hour minimum is PER DAY and cannot be split. Your tour can continue as long as you’d like after the four hour minimum at the same hourly rate. You can add an additional park to a tour day, but understand that by this time, the second park will be more crowded, so the amount your guide will be able to accomplish may be limited. There are scenarios that can work, just make sure to talk with your guide first so expectations can be managed.

But what if it’s raining/ too hot/ we’ve changed our minds?

Rain is Florida’s number one hobby, which means attractions are built to withstand weather. Some attractions may close briefly due to lightning, but they try to get them running ASAP. If there is any reason you’ve decided to cancel any part of your tour, within 30 days of EACH TOUR DAY, the rates charged will be as follows:

  • Within 24 hours of scheduled tour day- 4 hours at confirmed hourly rate
  • Within 48 hours of scheduled tour day- 2 hours at confirmed hourly rate
  • Within 72 hours of scheduled tour day- 1 hour at confirmed hourly rate
  • Within 3 to 30 days of scheduled tour day- $50 per cancelled day

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