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Itinerary/ Booking

       Let’s face it, planning a trip to Orlando can be overwhelming. With hundreds of resorts, dozens of ticket options and endless restaurants , you could spend a lifetime researching each segment of your trip. Luckily for you, we’ve been helping families plan the perfect Orlando vacation for over 10 years! We can help you create a seamless experience by booking the most appropriate accommodations, ticket options and dining reservations for your group. To get started, submit your information here and one of our qualified team members will contact you to begin planning the best vacation, ever. 

Our tour service, in a nutshell

Every park has it’s own system and it’s own set of logistics specific to each park, even within the same company. What works at Epcot won’t work at the Hollywood Studios and our guides who are “in the trenches” day in and day out are well-versed in what works best in all situations. We will be your walking talking park map, your dining reservation booker, your stroller-pusher, your bag-holder, your ride advisor, your baby sitter, your in-law wrangler, your coffee-fetcher, your photographer and your therapist.

Disney Tours

      When you purchase tickets for Disney, you are entitled to pre-reserve fast passes for 3 rides either 30 or 60 days in advance depending on where you are staying. We will set these fast passes up for you based on what we know will save you the most time. Additionally, we will also be glad to help you with dining and hotel reservations. Hotel reservations can be made at any time and dining reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance. If you would like any input, we would be glad to offer insight.


          … your guide will meet you at the entrance of the park JUST BEFORE THE PARK OPENS to ensure they can keep you ahead of the crowds. Starting early is important, this is the best way for us to give you the greatest experience possible. Once inside, your group will visit the attractions in the order that makes the most sense, based on park logistics and your pre-booked fast passes.  After you’ve used your first 3 fast passes, you will be eligible to continue booking them, except only one at a time. If your guide is still with you at this point, they will do this for you, so you can continue to enjoy your time. Please understand that wait times between attractions will vary. Fast passes are guaranteed by Disney to be fifteen minutes or less and they usually deliver. When visiting attractions without fast passes, sometimes you will walk immediately onto a ride and sometimes you may wait up to twenty minutes or so. We try to avoid this as much as possible, but for premium rides, a twenty minute wait is much better than one hundred and fifty! (And yes, this does happen for certain rides, almost on a daily basis.) Overall, your AVERAGE wait time at the end of your tour will work out to be less than fifteen minutes.

Universal Tours 

    Instead of Fast Passes which are booked in advance, Universal offers Express Passes which can be used on most rides. An Express Pass can be used at any time and guarantees a wait up to half of the current stand by time. What this translates to is: If a ride has a current stand by time of 90 minutes, the express pass wait can be up to 45 minutes. All of our Universal guests must have Express Passes to keep wait times at a minimum by purchasing them in advance or staying at one of Universal’s three top tier hotels, which include complimentary Express Passes for the duration of your stay. Your guide will help you navigate the rides in the most efficient manner possible with your Express Passes to minimize your wait times.  He or she will also:

  1. Hold bags for any rides that require a locker. Which is a great majority of Universal Rides.
  2. Ride any rides with the children that Mom or Dad are unwilling to ride if they are found to be too nauseating or intense (there are lots of simulators and thrilling roller coasters).
  3. Keep the little ones entertained if they are too small or too scared to experience any particular ride.
  4. Maximize your experience by visiting the rides in a particular order while focusing only on the rides that appeal to your group dynamic.


                   We will ask you to meet JUST PRIOR TO PARK OPENING to stay ahead of the crowds and ensure that we can visit many rides before the queues begin to back up.  Your Guide can meet you at your hotel OR at the park entrance- whichever you prefer.  Once you’ve met your guide, your job is done!  He or she will lead you from ride to ride in the most efficient manner possible.  Through our many years of navigating the parks we can provide your family with an AVERAGE WAIT TIME OF 0-15 minutes (even during peak season). 

Booking Details and Cancellation policy

     You tell us which specific date(s) and park(s) you’d like to visit (preferably 60 days in advance for the best experience).  There’s no need to tell us how long you’d like to tour…as long as you fill your 4 hour minimum, we’ll stay with you as long as you’d like.

     We will collect your credit card information and a bit more information about your group prior to confirming your tour date(s). While we do not charge a deposit to HOLD your dates, we WILL charge a cancellation fee should you decide to cancel any tours within 30 days of EACH TOUR DAY cancelled within the time frames listed below:

*Within 24 hours of each scheduled tour day- 4 hours at confirmed hourly rate

*Within 48 hours of each scheduled tour day- 2 hours at confirmed hourly rate

*Within 72 hours of each scheduled tour day- 1 hour at confirmed hourly rate

*Within  3 to 30 days of scheduled tour day- $50.00 per day

     Once we’ve collected your credit card information and confirmed each tour date and park, you will receive an e-mail confirmation to guarantee your Guide for those dates. Within 48 hours of receiving your confirmation, your Guide will reach out to you to begin preparations for your upcoming tours.  This will be the time to discuss any “must-see” rides or attractions and/or set a tentative meeting plan for your first tour.  

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